Saturday, 21 July 2007

Several Days in...

Well we now have a shiny new coalition government and what happens... nothing. The UK media seems to have largely let this event go by without so much as a note. OK we get coverage here in Wales, but as far as the rest of the print media is concerned Wales is invisible. TV has been little better. A few brief mentions on the BBC and next to nothing elsewhere. I know Wales is a small nation, far away from the main centres of power and influence, but surely we deserve more than this? The BBC ran for days with stories about a potential contender for the nomination for Mayor of London for one party, a matter of little import to anyone outside London. Yet here in Wales we have an event of considerable import for the future of the UK and nothing.

Perhaps we should take the broadcast media to task for failing in their public service obligations? Certainly you have to ask why there was no coverage from those papers that regard themselves as papers of record.

Its popular to portray people, like myself as "Welsh Wingers", but I ask you is the media being fair?

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