Monday, 13 August 2007

Foot and Mouth

Animal welfare issues seem to the fore, first Shambo gets culled and now a foot and mouth crisis. Fortunately we have seen swift action limiting the spread. But you have to wonder, in both the bovine TB cases and foot and mouth if there alternatives? The mass slaughter of animals for disease prevention is a bit of a blunderbuss and costs a fortune. Likewise proposals to gas badgers seems - to coin a phrase - overkill. Maybe its time we investigated vaccination as a route? Putting sizable money into researching a vaccine for bovine TB could potentially save millions - and I am sure the farming community would welcome it. I am sure there are problems with this approach, and I'd be glad of some comments on this.

Meanwhile we are in the silly season for stories, £500,000 for Prescot's autobiography... well good luck to him, but I don't see me rushing to buy, I will wait until its in the remainder bin :-)

Speaking of silly season stories, it seems the Tories are suggesting that 14Billion can be saved by cutting red tape. No details yet but apparently this can be done by doing away with things like the working time directive and health and safety laws..... I think this may well play badly with people who are told they have to work long hours and in unsafe conditions. John Redwood claims though it will lead to higher salaries and better working conditions - we will have to see the small print.

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